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Jasa DK has been exporting building products to and from Scandinavian countries since 2006. These include goods designed in Denmark and made for Scandinavia.

All products are strictly tested in terms of design, simplicity, functionality, user-friendliness and, last but not least, safety.

Product testing is based on the Jasa philosophy

  • Products must be manufactured to the best possible quality.
  • Products must be optimally packaged.
  • Products are always tailored to customer needs.
  • Products come with the necessary accessories.
  • Products must be packaged with instructions and pictures for hassle-free installation.
  • Product availability ideally within one day.
  • Of course, all European standards must be observed.

Why Jasa at
The Vibo doors are built for the Scandinavian locking system. Jasa offers available branded items for the right locking system: lock, handle, long plates and the high-quality side entrance door set.


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Jasa Türschließer Set - Türgriffe, Zylinder und Schloss für Nebeneingangstüren . Skandinavisches Schließsystem.
54.90 € incl tax excluding shipping
Jasa Türschließer Set - Türgriffe, Zylinder, Schloss und Stopper für Nebeneingangstüren . Skandinavisches Schließsystem.
98.20 € incl tax excluding shipping