The Plus fence designer - fence configurator plans your fence

The Plus fence designer: plan your fence

Now new: Use Plus fence configurator for free and order it super conveniently.

The fence configurator is a free tool that allows you to create individual fences online. The structure of a fence configurator consists of a user-friendly interface in which you can enter the desired fence parameters and drag and drop the products into the graphic planning field. Similar to the Ikea designer. This includes the size of the fence, the material, color, design, elements, gates and other accessories. The great thing is that the fence, complete with the appropriate accessories such as posts and screw elements, is placed directly in a shopping list.
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It couldn't be more convenient. Please be patient: the loading time is longer than for a normal website, but once loaded the designer works excellently. Click here to go directly to the Plus fence designer or the fence configurator
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How it works
The fence configurator works based on a database in which all fence elements, materials and accessories are stored. The customer first drags and drops a product from the product bar. The configurator immediately generates a rotatable 3D preview of the individually assembled fence. If you add another fence element, the configurator calculates the appearance and the parts list. You can now view different views of the fence to make sure that it meets your expectations.

The functions of the fence configurator include the ability to design the fence according to your own wishes, view it in 3D and adjust it if necessary. You can also see the price of the individually configured fence and order it immediately with just a few clicks. Using the configurator is of course free.

Overall, the fence configurator - or fence designer - offers a time-saving and convenient way to design and order a fence according to individual needs. With the help of these online tools, you as a customer can be sure that the fence you order corresponds exactly to your ideas and fits your requirements perfectly. It is also really fun to plan the new fence without the hassle of calculating and drawing. Have fun designing your fence / configuring your fence system.